Stages Of A Claim

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 Stages of an Insurance Claim

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Initial claim consultation is usually by phone followed by one of our professional insurance loss assessors calling to your property to assess the damage and advise you on any emergency steps to take, to prevent further damage to your building or property. Our insurance
loss assessors Dublin, insurance assessors Galway & insurance claims assessors are nationwide providing home insurance claim advice and speedy call out service to assist you when you need help the most.

Household fire damage with water damaged fixtures within the property that Claims assist recorded and included in the final replacement works and costings | insurance loss assessors Dublin | insurance assessors Galway
Reporting claim to insurance company – Our Claims Assist insurance claims assessor will contact your insurance company on your behalf. Your insurance company will then appoint an insurance Loss Adjuster to deal with your claim on their behalf (i.e. acting for the insurance company).
Meeting with the insurance Loss Adjuster – The insurance company appointed Loss Adjuster will then wish to meet us at your property for an inspection of the damage and extent of the necessary repair work.
Insurance Claim preparation – The Claims Assist insurance loss assessor will compile costings and requisition all documentary evidence necessary to validate your insurance claim and get insurers to accept liability and pay for your loss or damage.
Insurance Claim submission – Our insurance loss assessor will undertake detailed negotiation of the amount of settlement, payment and conditions with the insurance loss adjuster on your behalf, aiming towards the maximum payout you are entitled to under your insurance policy while also keeping you fully informed throughout the claims process.
Acceptance of a settlement € – Once the settlement figure has been reached the Claims Assist insurance assessor will not accept any offer without your approval and signature on our “Acceptance Form”.
Receiving your settlement cheque – The Claims Assist insurance assessor will continue to monitor your claim closely until your settlement cheque is in your hand!



– Initial consultation With our loss assessor
– Reporting claim to insurance company
– Meeting with the insurance Loss Adjuster
– Obtaining a number of quotes for repair or reinstatement works from our panel of approved insuance contractors
– Claim preparation
– Claim submission
– Receiving your settlement cheque

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