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Here a call came from a distressed homeowner who suffered fire and smoke damage from a faulty electric shower. Fire brigade were called and managed to extinguish the fire quickly but the entire house has substantial smoke damage.


One of the emergency calls our Insurance Assessors received this week was from a homeowner who suffered a large kitchen fire from a chip pan. Luckily the Fire Brigade had a quick response time and were able to prevent further fire damage to the house although smoke damage was significant throughout the property

Our Insurance Assessors In Galway were called out to this FIRE DAMAGE CLAIM which was caused by an electrical fault. As highly experienced fire damage Insurance Assessors we ensure that the homeowners gets their full payout entitlement from their Insurance Company in a timely manner.

House insurance claims advice – house fire claim

A house fire or fire at your property can be one of the scariest and most costly accidents to befall a home owner and once the fire has been extinguished you are left to assess the fire damage and smoke damage wondering where to begin in the complex process of making a fire claim against your insurance. Fire insurance claim calculation will include the obvious fire damage restoration and smoke damage repair but fire insurance claim calculation must take into account a host of other ancillary costs and loss that you as a home owner have suffered. At claims assist we are specialists in fire claim management and our years of experience and knowledge of home and business insurance policies will ensure you get the maximum entitlement with the minimum amount of hassle during the trying time after you have suffered a fire at your property.

What are the first steps when you need to make a house fire claim or begin an insurance claim for a fire at your property?  –  Contact Claims Assist first for immediate response   

You can rely on the fact we work on a no win – no fee basis which ensures our team of public loss assessors and fire damage restoration companies and contractors are working to provide you with the best results and quickly get your life back to normal.

For immediate assistance and advice for your fire claim & fire damage restoration call our offices on : 0818-929555

A kitchen fire is one of the most common house fire claims that occurs. The majority of times as a home owner that you’ll be required to make an insurance claim for a fire at your property it will have started in the kitchen
claims assist we are specialists in fire claim management – in this incident the home was extensively damaged by fire and smoke with the house fire spreading to the roof and causing damage to the neighboring property. An already sizeable and difficult claim made more so by involvement of a 3rd party i.e .the neighbors fire damage losses. Claims assist were the first point of contact for the homeowners & as a result the house fire claims process was simplified, successful and stress free for what is already a frightening and highly stressful situation for any person or family. Our publicly registered loss assessors are specialists in house fire claims with a network of insurance approved contractors and engineering companies to call upon for the assessment of smoke damage or house fire claims loss. Our knowledge of the process when making an insurance claim for a fire at your property is second to none – to have one of our loss assessors provide you with no obligation advice phone – 0818 929 555 we are happy to provide assistance and help to any homeowner or business that has suffered the stress of a property fire and we will ensure you don’t have to face the worry of dealing alone with an insurance claim as complex as a house fire.