Frequently Asked Questions about Loss assessing & loss Adjusters -house insurance claims advice


What is an Insurance Assessor or Loss assessor ?

A Loss Assessor or Insurance assessor is a professional who is engaged in the preparation, negotiation and settlement of insurance and other claims on behalf of commercial and private policyholders.
A Public Loss Assessor PLA or independent insurance assessor must be regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and have appropriate and approved qualifications
Your loss Assessor/Consultant will provide house insurance claims advice (or claims advice for whatever policy your claiming under, click here to ask us a question). They handle all aspects of the insurance claims process (or the stages of a claim), meeting with the Insurance companies’ representatives, the Loss Adjuster or any other professional appointed by them, preparing your claim and negotiating the best possible settlement for you. They will also handle cases where liability for your claim has been refused by insurers, or where problems have arisen regarding policy liability or delays.

What is the role of The Public Loss Assessor or independent insurance assessor?

An insurance claim can be a devastating event for a business organization or property owner. What is an ‘insurance adjuster’? – Your insurance company will appoint a loss adjuster to represent them in all negotiations and establish if your insurance company have a liability for your insurance claim. You are entitled under the European Communities (Insurance Mediation) Regulations 2005 to appoint your own independent insurance ‘Loss Assessor’ (who will act on your behalf)
This will ensure you receive the best professional advice, and obtain the full entitlement from the Insurance cover you purchased.
Claims Assist are members of the Irish Claims Consultants Association and are there to protect the customers rights within the Insurance contract.
Please contact us with details of your insurance claim and we will advise how we can help.
What is a Loss Adjuster & What does an insurance adjuster do?
A Loss Adjuster is a firm or individual hired by the Insurance Company to look after their best interests and to payout as little as possible on your claim. They will not prepare and present the claim on your behalf. This will be your responsibility and you will have to negotiate with all the various parties involved to ensure your insurance claim is presented correctly.

Why Hire a Loss Assessor?

By hiring a Loss Assessor you are not only relieving yourself of all the paperwork, countless phone calls, time and effort but most importantly you are also ensuring that you have an insurance professional representing, protecting and working for you on your insurance claim. The Insurance Company have the Loss Adjusters / insurance adjuster acting for them, so it is essential for you to have your own professional representation in order to have the best Buildings insurance claim advice or house insurance claims advice to achieve your maximum payout.
There are many Insurance Companies in the market each with their own unique policy with differing terms and conditions, they are complex legal contracts which are subject to interpretation and negotiation by the parties involved.
Our professional expertise coupled with our network of specialist consultants will ensure you get your maximum payout entitlement.
Since the loss adjuster / insurance adjuster is paid by the insurance company to represent their best interests undoubtedly he will interpret the policy in favor of the insurance company so it is absolutely vital that you employ your own independent loss assessor to get the maximum payout you are entitled to.

What Do I Need to do to Make a Claim?

Make one phone call to 0818 929 555   or email to Claims Assist Public Loss Assessors & home insurance assessor service and we will do the rest !

If my claim is already reported to my insurance company is it too late to have Claims Assist involved?

It is never too late to involve Claims Assist insurance Loss Assessors. However it is best to allow us to represent you from the beginning because what you say or do at this stage may have serious implications for the eventual outcome. We prefer to handle the full claim process from the beginning which is when we can be most effective.

What will it cost me?

We charge a percentage of the settlement payout based on the size of the insurance claim. Our fees are completely performance based ensuring we work our hardest for you at all times. The difference we make in what you receive more than offsets the cost of our fees. We do not require payment until you receive your cheque. This means we have a strong incentive to achieve the best insurance claim settlement in the shortest possible time.

What happens if my claim is not settled ?

Claims Assist independent insurance assessor & home insurance assessors operate on a “No Win, No Fee” basis.

What kind of house insurance claims advice can you provide me with?

Our Buildings insurance claim advice and knowledge of house insurance claims advice is derived from the knowledge of policy’s and different insurance companies in the Irish market today. Every claim is different so from contents insurance claims advice to general insurance claims advice for an incident such a chimney fire you will find we are your no. 1 advocate with the sole job of getting your claim handled with the minimum of hassle and maximum payout feasible under the terms of the insurance policy. This will ensure your loss is covered and your home or business is back the way it was before the incident occurred that lead you to our door and to having to make an insurance claim.

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