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Below you will find a link to a blog post on our partner company in structural engineering and surveying- The article contains posts to national media stories about defective apartments and insurance claims through policies like Home Bond and Premier bond etc., It demonstrates the volumes of work required to win a building defect insurance claim and case of this type – you’ll need some of the leading engineers and consultants and of course a professional loss assessor to fight the insurance company and their loss adjusters and hired guns (other engineering firms etc.).

Need help with an insurance claim or defective building in Ireland, call the wining teams of Conspect Engineering & Claims Assist Loss assessors.

How to avoid buying a defective new home or apartment ?

Conspect provide snag lists and pre purchase surveys on houses, apartments and other buildings across most counties in Ireland. The old adage ” prevention is better than cure” comes to mind, but its true and valid as much today as it was 20 years ago in the boom time building era that lead to such defective structures and homes that had in some cases be torn down. Avoiding an insurance claim? A little bit more difficult as accidents happen and that’s what insurance cover is for. Claims Assist Loss assessors have a range of helpful information on ‘best practice’ to help at least lessen the chance of damage or claim occurring. And should it happen – rest assured, Claims Assist are on standby to sort out your insurance claim on a no win – no fee basis. Author – M. Fleming